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Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff:

This e-mail is written to say “thank you” for my smile! Before I met you, Dr. Cohen, I didn’t smile very often, but now I do because, thanks to you, I have something I never expected to have — pretty teeth and a smile that I am proud of!

You see, a long time ago when I was in my teens, I had an injury to my jaw; and since my parents weren’t exactly people who believed in spending money on dental care, I wound up an adult with a mouth full of problems. When I first met Dr. Cohen, back in 1986, my teeth and gums were a mess, and I was losing teeth pretty regularly. I thought that I would lose my remaining teeth and end up with dentures, but Dr. Cohen wouldn’t accept that as an outcome for me. He kept working on my teeth, and somehow, over the years, he has managed to help me keep most of the teeth that I had left! And now — as a result of his diligence, along with an engineering ability I couldn’t imagine a dentist would have, accompanied by the skill of an artist — Dr. Cohen has given me my smile. My teeth are beautiful!

Thank you, Dr. Cohen, for your amazing skill, for your caring, for your patience, for your many kindnesses! And thank you to the members of your staff who have stood by as you worked so diligently and carefully on me, sometimes for hours. You are all fantastic, and you are all, to quote Michelle, “awesome”!

Your devoted and very fortunate patient,

Jodi M. (and, yes, I’m smiling as I write these words)
Dental Patient
Covina, CA 91722


Dr. Jeffrey L. Cohen,

I want you to know how very pleased I was with my entire experience. Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I know I got the very best of care. My teeth are clean and the new filling is a work of art – I can’t even see it! I certainly feel happy and relieved to have found a new “family”. My heartfelt thanks to all.

Robin W.
Dental Patient
West Covina, CA 917


Dear Dr. Cohen:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am still impressed – so are all my family and friends that I tell, that you BROUGHT ME those mouth washes etc. They have really helped! Helped me keep my sanity while I’m doing this chemo. It is certainly NOT a walk in the park!

Thank you again for your care!

Most appreciatively!

Mary S.


I broke my dentures in an auto accident. I went in for impressions and 7 days later had my new teeth and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Bonnie J.


I just can’t even begin to tell you how impressed and completely pleased we are with this dentist and with his service. We have decided to switch our 3 children to this dentist now also. Thank you so much for your great service!!!

Cynthia S.