Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We’re Building Unforgettable Smiles – “Because Life Is Better with Great Teeth!”

If you want a brighter, straighter, more attractive, youthful smile, you aren’t alone! Cosmetic dentistry is intensely popular, and rightfully so. In a matter of days, you can enjoy your dream smile. Friends, coworkers, and strangers will say things like, “Did you get your hair cut?” or “Are you working out?” You’ll look sensational, and as a result, you’ll feel sensational. Dr. Jeffery L. Cohen, DDS has years of experience and training in many cosmetic dentistry procedures…

Teeth Whitening

Coffee, tea, tobacco, medications, and age can discolor tooth enamel. If your teeth have a brown or yellow hue, consider whisking away those stains with professional-grade teeth whitening. Dr. Cohen offers various systems for dramatically brightening teeth. You’ll look younger and feel more confident after your teeth-whitening session.


Probably the most complete cosmetic solution, porcelain veneers cover front teeth to mask chips, stains, gaps, misalignments, and other imperfections. Because each veneer is handcrafted by a dental ceramist, details like color and shape are integral to the custom design. If you want a “new smile,” talk with cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Cohen about stain resistant porcelain veneers.


In some cases, a chipped or stained front tooth may only need minor cosmetic repair. Dr. Cohen often recommends bonding. With a small amount of dental resin, tinted to blend with a tooth’s coloring, the dentist can renew your tooth’s full beauty and shape. Bonding can also close gaps between teeth.

White Restorations

Metal dental work looks unnatural and can significantly age a person. Today, cosmetic dentists use white porcelain crowns and tooth-colored bonding instead of precious metals and amalgam. Modern, durable dental materials are completely safe, and they’ll allow you to maintain the integrity of an all-white smile. If you’d like your metal crowns and fillings replaced, discuss the options with Dr. Cohen at your consultation.

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